Textile decoration

The textile part is occupied by Ramón Marí, a company dedicated to textile decoration created in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, in 1983. In 2012 it joins the team of BEST DESIGN IBIZA, in order to comply with the supply of textile products and services in the textile industry we like to give our customers.

BEST DESIGN IBIZA manufactures all types of curtains, blinds, cushions and upholstery. It has a large sample of fabrics in order to find those that best suit your needs. The professional team of BEST DESIGN IBIZA advise you to select the most suitable option for your home or business. Explain us your ideas and we will tailored it for you.

Exhibited in our shop, you can see a wide range of home furnishings in which you can find towels, sheets, duvets, bedspreads, quilts, etc.

We have special fireproof fabrics for hotel industry facilities, respecting the special guidelines necessary to accomplish current legislation.